Pokémon - Dogs in Love 3

Join us live for the playthroughs that get turned into these videos @JelloPlaysVideoGames Check out the exclusive extra video over on Patreon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m434TwlzLbo And the full "For Gorps" Cover! https://www.patreon.com/posts/dogs-in-love-3-105016436 Jolteon and his friends' journey comes to an end in the final installation of the Dogs in Love series. --- POKEMON ART https://twitter.com/NinGeko_Art CHARACTER ART https://twitter.com/Emdyofficial FLASHBACK ART https://sonocomics.tumblr.com CREDITS MODELS https://x.com/luigi_yagami_2 ADDITIONAL ART (Gacha Evolutions) Six - https://twitter.com/fr0gfairy (Ending Graphic) Bo - https://twitter.com/beauhello (Baby Oz) Freezaol - https://twitch.com/freezaol VOICES Yam (player) - https://twitter.com/whambamyam Jello - https://twitter.com/BrendanBlaber Will - https://twitter.com/BigMovingTarget Arim - https://twitter.com/TomLaflin Lenti - https://twitch.tv/vixen_vtuber Oz - https://twitter.com/spectralfusion Savvy - https://twitter.com/eternal_savvy

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