Where is my mind ? 😱 @PixiesOfficialTV live at the Paris Olympia #shorts – @arteconcert | ARTE Concert

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Episode Title: Where is my mind ? 😱 @PixiesOfficialTV live at the Paris Olympia #shorts – @arteconcert Episode Content: ​Full concert : https://youtube.com/live/Am7DslTm-sE @PixiesOfficialTV, highly influential indie rockers from Boston, famous for such tracks as Debaser and Where is my mind perform in Paris as part of a European tour for their latest album Doggerel. More concerts on our website : https://www.arteconcert.com You can also find us on : Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ARTEConcert/ Twitter : https://twitter.com/ARTEconcertFR Instagram FR : https://www.instagram.com/arteconcertfr/ Instagram DE : https://www.instagram.com/arteconcertde/

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