Reacting to my old design advice videos

Watching a bunch of my old videos, including my first ever video (cringeeee). As I watch through them I'm asking myself if I still stand by the advice I'm giving? Would I recommend something different now? And how cringey is it to see myself on video from 2013? 😬 🚀 CharliMarieTV is powered by Figma! https://ift.tt/C8iPNMt Figma is a design tool that helps teams create, test, and ship better designs from start to finish. And it's free! :) TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 It's been 9 whole years! 00:54 Design advice: Developing your style 02:11 Design show & tell: Motion typography 04:32 Design chat: Should you work for free? 08:33 Reacting to me reacting to my first ever design portfolio 😮‍💨 13:15 My first ever design advice video (2013) 17:41 Final verdict Please remember to click subscribe if you'd like to see more of my videos. -------------------------------- // WANT TO SUPPORT MY CHANNEL? Become a ✨channel member✨ and get a cool icon next to your name in livestream chats, plus priority replies to your comments. Just click 'Join' (it's next to the subscribe button) Or, if you like, you can put something in my tip jar right here: https://ift.tt/pi94CwF Sharing my videos or recommending my channel to a design friend is also very much appreciated! :) -------------------------------- // ABOUT ME I'm Charli and I'm designer from New Zealand currently living in Valencia, Spain. I’m the Creative Director at a remote tech company called ConvertKit and I posting videos about the design projects I work on and the tools I use, as well as vlogs of my life as a designer. I regularly livestream what I'm working on in Coworking Club streams. Welcome to the channel! Please subscribe and say hi in the comments, and maybe we'll see you in the live chat on the next stream. 💬 Twitter: https://twitter.com/charliprangley 📷 Instagram: https://ift.tt/det35TH -------------------------------- // MORE Join my free weekly marketing design newsletter: https://ift.tt/rOsWxFm Buy my hand written font, Grayscale: https://ift.tt/64p1GZg Book a mentoring session with me: https://ift.tt/d5J43Vu My site & blog: https://charlimarie.com Design Life podcast: https://designlife.fm Inside Marketing Design podcast: https://ift.tt/T8fL19s -------------------------------- // TECH & TOOLS 📹 Get links to all the tech hardware I use to make my videos (and the art on my gallery wall!) right here: https://ift.tt/DxiOFzy 💻 Software I use: Webflow (no-code website builder)*: https://ift.tt/hAJ1w2T Premiere Pro (video editing)*: https://ift.tt/BfkgajD Adobe Audition (audio recording)*: https://ift.tt/OTvaiFQ After Effects (intro animation)*: https://ift.tt/56SfXwn Figma (web design): https://ift.tt/C8iPNMt Photoshop (thumbnails)*: https://ift.tt/6EdDxMA ConvertKit (marketing platform): https://ift.tt/8ikANLz Riverside (podcast interview recording)*: https://ift.tt/pj5gOUq Music in this video from Epidemic Sound*: https://ift.tt/u0gOTvA Video captions by Rev (very cost effective service! I recommend)*: https://ift.tt/d230uy8 Intro & end card animation by Austin Saylor: https://ift.tt/e1qPvMb Editing by Nancy Palm http://nancypalm.com & Belén Albiol https://ift.tt/8iU72TF (or sometimes by me!) Links marked with a * are affiliate links. I can't believe you read the whole description box! You get a ⭐️

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