The Nine Rings of Power for Men (Ringwraiths) | Tolkien Explained

This is Nerd of the Rings, bringing you Messages from Middle Earth. Today they present: Continuing our dive into the Rings of Power, we cover the "Nine for Mortal Men Doomed to Die." A likely plot point of Amazon's Lord of the Rings series, Sauron gives nine rings to men tempted by power. The rings give them long life and help them become mighty kings, warriors, and sorcerers. They would gradually be pulled into the Unseen until they exist entirely in the wraith world and are fully enslaved under the power of The One Ring. Hit subscribe - and the bell! Nerd of the Rings on PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/NerdoftheRings -------------- All content falls under fair use: any copying of copyrighted material done for a limited and “transformative” purpose, such as to comment upon, criticize, or parody a copyrighted work. Such uses can be done without permission from the copyright owner. If your artwork appears and you are not listed here, please let me know! I want to make sure all artists are credited for their amazing work. To purchase artist work, check out these amazing artists! Jenny Dolfen - goldseven.wordpress.com/ Turner Mohan - www.instagram.com/turner_mohan Ted Nasmith - www.tednasmith.com/shop/ Jerry Vanderstelt - store.vandersteltstudio.com/main.sc Anato Finnstark - https://www.artstation.com/anto-finnstark Anke Eissmann - http://anke.edoras-art.de/anke_illustration.html Sauron and the Nine - Kenneth Sofia Ringwraiths - ChrisNazgul The Nine - Unopk Weathertop - Anato Finnstark Celebrimbor - Angus McBride The Three Rings - gonzalez Sauron and the Ring of Power - o0magnus Celebrimbor in the Dungeons - AnotherStranger Sauron - Spartank42 Sauron - Shadow of War The Keeper of One of the Nine Rings - Steamey Three Ringwraiths - WETA Witch King - Meli Hitchcock Witch King - kimberly80 Nazgul - Ochi Zia Ringwraiths - fell418 Sauron in Numenor - Efelidi The Last Alliance - Jenny Dolfen Sauron, War of the Last Alliance - Matt DeMino Ringwraith on horseback - Anato Finnstark The Nine - Anato Finnstark Nazguls - Inessa Khanenko Nazgul Rider - William Nunez Rivendell - Zak Seymour Nazgul - DreadJim Ringwraith - noitatstra Gollum - Inger Edelfeldt Nazgul - Rui Goncalves Gollum - Iris Compiet Nazgul 2 - Rui Goncalves The Nazgul - Istrandar Nazgul - Lukasz Jaskolski A Shortcut to Mushrooms - Vincent Tanguay The Nazgul - Anato Finnstark Ringwraith - Yonaz Black Breath - Maruisz Gandzel Faramir's Last Charge - Hurcem Kucukdogan Athelas - Anke Eissmann Healing Faramir - Anke Eissmann Healing of Eowyn - Brothers Hildebrandt Ringwraith Speedpaint - Frerin Hagsolb Witch King wraith world - WETA Weathertop - CK Goksoy Attack on Weathertop - Rafael Diaz Bauduin Wraith World - Paul Lasaine Frodo at Mount Doom - Minitry Prosvirnin Rangers Scout the Ruins of Barad-dur - Ted Nasmith Isildur and the Ring - Andrea Piparo The One Ring - Magali Villeneuve Isildur's Bane - Donato Giancola #nazgul #ringwraith #tolkien

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