My Least Favorite Teacher | TimTom

TimTom shows us his life in drawn form.
Episode Title: My Least Favorite Teacher Episode Content: Make sure to go to https://dashlane.com/timtom to get Dashlane for free on your first device and use the code "timtom" to get 25% off Dashlane premium. I had to deal with my least favorite teacher for three years straight and she kinda ruined my enthusiasm for school. OH! AND I ALMOST FORGOT! One time I didn't feel well, but she didn't believe me and wouldn't let me go to the nurse. So, I went during recess and it turns out that I haD A FEVER OF 102 DEGREES! ### The Team's Twitters Alyssa: https://twitter.com/alyssaleandra Bella: https://twitter.com/belladrawson Kayla: https://twitter.com/leirinart Me: https://twitter.com/TimTomYT ### Additional Animation (I don't know how they want to be credited yet, check back later today) ### Guest Thumbnail Hope: https://instagram.com/hopedibby

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