GREAT AT CRIME (feat. The Musical Ghost + OR3O) | JelloApocalypse

JelloApocalypse is an artist, writer and voice actor.
Episode Title: GREAT AT CRIME (feat. The Musical Ghost + OR3O) Episode Content: The credits theme of our new show, Epithet Erased! Premiering on VRV on Friday November 8th and coming to YouTube November 22nd! ---- VOCALS - 0R3O https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTAyRNwgMv_vvM8Z9UvKKEg INSTRUMENTAL - The Musical Ghost https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqeHbI0rfexnHhhEgrg8Exg MIX - Cassie Ewulu https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCShq6Ckk5c8CJyfs1X9BY-g ---- LYRICS: In the dead of midnight Someone’s creepin’ down the hall See those yellow uniforms? We’re the ones who got it all! We might trigger an alarm But we never come to harm Because before the cops can catch us We can call my mom! We’re Great at Crime! Beware our evil plans! Yeah, we’re Great at Crime! I never wash my hands! The boys in blue are here for you There's nothing they can do We scuffle scram skeddale Up a creek without a paddle No you cannot rattle us ‘Cause we are Great at Crime! Larceny, incarcerated! Arson’s kinda overrated! There’s no reason to debate it Great at Crime! Great at Crime! Great at Crime!

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